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Ronaldinho:  World Cup hero retires from football

Brazilia World Cup hero Ronaldinho must went of soccer, although man must not played any game to 2015.

Ronaldinho age 37, held part like the winning Brazil World Cup duo, won one Champions League within 2006 by Barcelona also won this Balon d’Or into 2005.

His brother also agent Roberto Assis approved the separation at Tuesday also announced a series like tribute games.

“He should completed, this is ended,” Assis said.

“We wish do various issues into Brazil, Europe also Asia also, of way, we do arranging something by this Brazilian duo since well.”

Ronaldinho produced his work with Gremio during Brazil ere moving on Paris Germain into 2001. Later five times at Barcelona including pair La Liga rights, he too had per spell at AC Milan wherever he got this Serie A trophy into 2010 2011.

Man moved on Brazil side Flamengo into 2011 before spells to Queretaro on Mexico also Fluminense.
Ronaldinho. See? You’re smiling already. Just imagining regarding the things a man did plus the idea he made them, this way boy was, get yourself giggling.  Sergio took on this floor, both were at their feet. Cameras zoomed at a man into the north stage with a beard and a cigarette hanging slack of his lip: Bloody trial, did thou mind what he really did?

Ronaldinho retires

Golden Goal: Ronaldinho to Barcelona vs Chelsea (2005)
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Funny, too.

Real Madrid leader claimed that Madrid hadn’t hired him because boy was “too ugly” also would “sink” them as each brand. “Thanks on Beckham, everyone demands to shag us,” boy said. Boy, also, was back: everyone needed to include Ronaldinho, alike him. The rich, soul-glow hair, this goofy smile, that surfer’s “roller”, thumb also little finger swaying – a sign so his, very symbolic of Barcelona meeting that it did fashion from bubbles and failed in that  store club .

Ronaldinho’s glaring career


A whole promoting campaign occurred built about him, one embodiment from jogo bonito. Man might no have meant beautiful yet his game held and not one did more beautiful, a shopping idea Madrid missed. About a drama cartoon genius himself, man inspired this “BarcaToons” also on Spain’s story of Spitting Statue his creature giggled also laughed also repeated one message up and over: fiesta! “I do like that,” he agreed.

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