By | July 6, 2018

Fredo Santana ‘found dead by girlfriend

Fredo Santana expired on day evening when suffering per seizure, in keeping with reports. The Chicago rapper kicked the bucket aged simply twenty seven. with initial reports suggesting he died from renal failure. However, members of the family must reportedly reported TMZ that Santana. True fame Derrick Coleman – flagged a seizure. The web site claims that Santana’s girlfriend. with whom he has AN eight-month-old son, visited his la home on weekday at 11:30 and located him dead on the ground.


The rapper has suffered from seizures within the past sharing instapst in March last year when having a ‘light seizure’. And in Oct, he was hospitalised attributable to renal failure. He later admitted that the renal failure was caused by exploitation anti-anxiety medication Xanax and leaD. Of cough sirupade . An candy that is prevailing within the hip-hop business.


Lean, additionally referred to as sizzurp or purple drank, will cause seizures. In October, Santana tweeted: ‘Hopefully I are often the face to sho n****s to impede. AN we tend to got our whole life earlier than North American nation fuck being rock stars gettin high I got ptsd… MORE:

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Santana had antecedently defended his use of Xanax and lean when rapper Russ tweeted an image within which he wore a T-shirt reading.‘How abundant Xans and lean seems one ought to make before you realize you’re one fucking failure. Fredo quote-tweeted the image and wrote. ‘Until I decree quit guessing around my final homies also. trauma that I meant through into my course that’s one I’l stop. The rapper, World Health Organization is that the relative of Chief Keef, welcome his initial kid back in Gregorian calendar month 2017.

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