By | August 23, 2018
How Urban Meyer Suspended Ohio States isn't as Bad as You Think for 3 games

Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer suspended for 3 games after two investigation. In investigation found that the coach misused domestic assault allegations done against former buckeyers assistant coach zach smith. He represent the wrong information in public statement in july.

Urban Meyer suspended for 3 games

Urban Meyer suspended without the pay and also not allow to interact with the team until the spe 2. Meyer will rejoin the team on 2 sept but from now onwards he is not able to coach in the games like Oregon State, Rutgers and No. 16 TCU.

Meyer, perusing from a composed proclamation amid a news gathering late Wednesday, recognized his dependability to previous Ohio State mentor Earl Bruce — Meyer’s guide and Zach Smith’s granddad — likely assumed a part by they way he managed Smith, who was likewise blamed by his ex for ambushing her in 2009 and captured on a charge of driving impaired in 2013. Meyer let go Zach Smith a month ago, after Smith’s ex gotten a defensive request against him, exposing the past manhandle assertions.

watch the videos of  why Urban Meyer Suspended.

Full Interview: Courtney Smith Discusses Domestic Violence Allegations

“I followed my heart and not my head,” Meyer said. “At each juncture, I gave Zach Smith the benefit of the doubt. . . . I should have demanded more from him and recognized red flags. . . . I should have done more, and I am sorry for that.”

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Urban Meyer suspended and now feeling sorry

Urban Meyer feeling sorry as he said “I should have done more and I am sorry for that,”

According to Meyer he was not aware about the situation until recently as appeard in july.

“I got a text last night that something happened in 2015, and there was nothing,” Meyer told reporters at the Big Ten Media Days, adding, “I don’t know who creates a story like that.”

According to interview done with sports new site stadium earlier the moth, courtney smith said to the wife of meyer that she was being abused in 2015.After this – she assaulted by husband during the argument about their little young children. After the incident the restraining order given to smith but the charges were never filed.

“Shelley said she was going to have to tell Urban,” Courtney Smith told Stadium. “I said, ‘That’s fine. You should tell Urban. We can’t have somebody like this coaching young men.'”

Ohio State athletic executive Gene Smith was likewise suspended from August 31 to September 16.

According USA TODAY -URABN MEYER SAID ‘I want to apologize’

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