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Believe it or not, there are 10 Useful Things To Buy On Amazon (2019) In. though you can definitely get a ton of those, too. See, Amazon now has a tool that allows you to set a minimum and a maximum for any search and any category. That means you can find incredible (but affordable) buys in beauty, kitchenware, electronics, phone accessories, office supplies, and health and wellness items.These all are cool things to buy for your room.



1-Sugru Moldable Glue –

  • Sugru Original Formula is the world’s first moldable glue that sets strong by turning into silicone rubber.
  • Advanced silicone technology that bonds permanently to almost anything, then sets strong by turning into a durable, tactile silicone rubber overnight.
  • Ideal for all sorts of DIY projects for indoors and out: Fix, bond, seal, improve, mount and create.
  • A unique combination of technical properties: waterproof, heat- and cold-resistant, durable, flexible, shock-resistant and electrically insulating (up to 24 volts).
  • Bonds to: glass, ceramic, wood, metal, most plastics & more. Forms a strong bond, mount and hang things without drilling, holds up to 2kg/4.4lb
What is Sugru Moldable Glue?

The world’s first moldable glue that sets strong by turning into a durable silicone rubber. Based on advanced silicone technology, it is perfect for fixing, DIY and even making and creating. Use it to fix, bond, seal, mount and create.

How does Sugru work?

Stick it, shape it, and it sets strong by turning into silicone rubber. It’s that easy! Apply Sugru to clean and dry surfaces, and it will withstand even extreme conditions like the dishwasher or a steamy shower, and it can handle temperatures up to 180°C (356°F) and down to -50°C (-58°F).


Sugru sticks permanently to lots of materials like glass, ceramic, wood, metal and most plastics.


You have 30 minutes to fix, build and create.


In 24 hours, it turns into a strong and durable silicone rubber that stays stuck.



2- WonderCube-

  • ✅ Built in cable + MFI cable + Charge + Phone Stand + OTG usb + SYNC + Emergency Charger + Flash Memory + Led Torch
  • ✅ A cable you’ll have with you all the time No tangled cable. No mess. WonderCube features a foldout flexible USB cord measuring 3 inches when extended. Neatly folded in just 1-inch, the cube is completely covered without any exposed contacts. It’s incredibly durable and compact. A cable designed to be with you everywhere!
  • ✅ Quick Charge anywhere anytime. Grab WonderCube to power it up on a trip, at a cafe, in car, at work or anywhere on the go. The built-in gold-plated connectors ensure quick charging through any USB port…to keep you connected!
  • ✅ Stand: portrait + landscape Have a favourite TV show or Facetime call that’s too important to miss? We have you covered with WonderCube’s innovative phone-stand. WonderCube’s micro-suction cups plate can easily attach or detach on the phone’s back panel.
  • ✅ Extra Memory On The Go. Features a built-in micro-SD card reader. Expand your phone capacity for extra 128GB. (micro-SD support). Share photo, music, movie during your next trip. Works perfectly as a USB Flash Drive.

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3- Star Wars Force Band






4-360fly 360? 4K VR Capable Action Video Camera-

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