What should you wear during Ramadan in Dubai

By | August 2, 2018
What should you wear during Ramadan in Dubai

Raman in dubai is very famous festival. Dubai is very beautifull country, i think everyonce on a life must visit. Everyone have many questions about ramadan such as what to wear in dubai during ramadan OR What should you wear during Ramadan in Dubai?

what to wear in dubai during ramadan OR What should you wear during Ramadan in Dubai?

This simple guide on What to Wear in Dubai not only provides general advice, but gives you some specific tips for Ramadan.  Both men and women are expected to dress modestly to be respectful of the holy month.  It’s not the time for skimpy, tight or revealing clothing.  You can wear swimsuits/bikinis around the hotel pool or on beaches but, as always, you should cover up when walking to and from the pool or beach, even if it’s only through your hotel lobby.


During Ramadan in Dubaiit’s suggested that each men and ladies dress cautiously. Not doing thereforecould offend people who ar fast.

Time Out Dubai has made this handy beginner’s guide to convey you all the small print and assist youperceive this necessary time.

• Get into the charitable spirit throughout the Holy Month by donating to Ramadan camps, care packages and alternative charity organisations.

What should you wear during Ramadan in Dubai

What should you wear during Ramadan in Dubai

• quick at the side of your Muslim colleagues for daily or 2 and break the quick along at the time of iftar.

The dates
When is Ramadan? On or around Tuesday fifteen could to weekday fourteen June 2018
When is Eid al-Fitr? On or around weekday fourteen June to Sunday seventeen June 2018
When is Eid al-Adha? On or around Tuesday twenty one August to weekday twenty four August 2018

If you are lucky enough to spend Ramadan in Dubai you are in for a treat.  It’s a very special time to visit; the days are quiet, there is less traffic, hotels are cheaper and businesses slow down.  But after sunset the city comes alive and the malls and streets teem with Emirati families and Muslim expats coming out to eat iftar, the ‘breakfast’ evening meal.

As Ramadan moves closer to the peak tourist season (the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere), rules are being relaxed and Ramadan in Dubai can be enjoyed by all.

Ramadan in Dubai – 5 Things You Need To Know

Quick Tips

  • Many shopping malls and most hotels have curtained off areas where you can eat out of sight of those who are fasting
  • If you’re out and about, carry a small bottle of water so you can find a discreet spot to take a drink
  • It’s appreciated if you dress modestly during Ramadan – see this simple guide on what to wear in Dubai
  • Dubai duty free is open 24 hours per day as usual throughout Ramadan
  • Eating, drinking, chewing gum and smoking in public are not permitted between sunrise and sunset during Ramadan in Dubai


 What  to wear in  Ramadan in Dubai –


Many people panic over what to wear throughout the Holy Month, but there’s really no need. Here’s what we’ve bought, what we’re buying and what we’re lusting over over Ramadan.


Clockwise: Dress Dhs2,680 GlamOn You; Kaftan Dhs349 H&M; Earrings Dhs165 Esswara; Slipper shoe Dhs3,760 Dolce&Gabbana


Clockwise: Wide-leg trousers Dhs1,770 Saloni at matchesfashion.com; Shoulder bag Dhs1,750 Kate Spade; Bracelet Dhs2,785 Alexander McQueen; Skirt Dhs2,960 Temperley London at bysymphony.com



Clockwise: Dress Dhs9,425 Lublu at Saks Fifth Avenue; Dress Dhs2,795 Zayan the Label at S*uce; Clutch bag Dhs1,766 L’Afshar; Necklace Dhs60,090 Chanel



Clockwise: Flower print sandal Dhs371 Aldo at asos.com; Kaftan dress Dhs4,280 Risho Collection at Valleydez; Necklace Dhs495 Bebe; Kaftan Dhs2,200 Shweta Wahi at Valleydez


Ramadan Dress Code

  • Be mindful of the local culture and dress conservatively
  • Cover from your shoulders to your knees
  • Keep beachwear strictly to the beach
  • No mini skirts or hot pants
  • Reign in the cleavage

For more on Dubai’s cultural rules and the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding visitwww.cultures.ae


What is Ramadan In Dubai?

Ramadan is the Muslim holy month, the ninth month of the year in the Islamic calendar.  Muslims believe that the quran was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed during this month. Ramadan is a time for fasting, reflection and charity.   Fasting means abstaining from food, drink, smoking and having intimate relations between sunrise and sunset.  Many Muslims will spend more time at the mosque or reading the quran during the holy month.  It’s a time to step away from material pleasures and become closer to god.

ramadan in dubai

When is Ramadan in Dubai?

In 2018, Ramadan is expected to begin on (or around) the evening of Wednesday 16th May and end on the evening of Thursday 16th June.

In 2019, the dates will be approximately 5th May till 4th June.  Lunar months are shorter than the solar months used elsewhere, so Islamic holidays begin on different days each year, and Ramadan comes around eleven days earlier each year.

The exact dates depend on when the moon-sighting committee see a crescent moon to mark the start of Ramadan and a new crescent to signal the beginning of the next month and the end of the fasting period.

Ramadan hours-

Although it usually varies by businessseveral businesses can have totally different gap and shutting times, together with looking malls, grocery stores, cinemas and a lot ofassay times before you head bent onavoid disappointment.

What should you wear during Ramadan in Dubai

What should you wear during Ramadan in Dubai

Useful phrases-

Impress your Muslim colleagues and friends or just stop a alien within the street and spiel off a couple of of those (reasonably) straightforward to use phrases throughout Ramadan:
Ramadan solon = Blessed Ramadan
Ramadan kareem = Happy / generous Ramadan
Iftar shahy = Have an honest iftar
Mubarak aleik al shahr = could you get the blessings of the month
Kil aam American state inta fee kheir = could every year pass and you be


What should you wear during Ramadan in Dubai

What should you wear during Ramadan in Dubai

Hag Al Leylah
In the UAE, the fourteenth day of Ramadan is understood as Hag Al Leylah, a novel Khaleeji (the Gulf) children’s vacation. It’s renowned by totally different names throughout the region however usually on nowadays youngsters don ancient garments (embroidered vests and caps for boys and adorned veils and dresses for girls) and head bent on collect sweets, batty and coins in special fabric baggagewhereas singing ancient songs. several outlets and supermarkets also will supply specially adorned party packs and baskets. It’s an excellent manner for non-native youngsters to be told one thing regarding the native culture and commemorate doing it whereas creating new friends.

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