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Why Xiaomi Mi Mouse Pad Prices are Sexy, Mi Mouse Pad for Gamers Launched


  • Mi Mouse Pad, Mi Smart Mouse Pad have been launched in China
  • Both the mousepads are available via YouPin
  • The prices of the products start at CNY 49 (roughly Rs. 500)

Xiaomi Mi Mouse Pad-

Why  Xiaomi Mi Mouse Pad Prices  are  Sexy, Mi Mouse Pad for Gamers Launched

Xiaomi has launched several gaming products in its lineup, including a VR headset and a gaming smartphone, apart from the Mi Gaming Mouse. Now, the Chinese electronics manufacturer has unveiled two new mousepads called the Mi Mouse Pad and Mi Smart Mouse Pad.  Both the handsets are currently available for sale in China and the prices start at CNY 49 (roughly Rs. 500). To recall, Xiaomi had launched two mousepads in India back in 2015, called Mi Mousepad and Mi Metal Mousepad.

The Mi Smart Mouse Pad, said to have won the German Dot Design Award in 2018, comes with a Qi Wireless Charging module. It can charge both compatible wireless mouse and a smartphone. According to Xiaomi, the mousepad has a charging efficiency of 75 percent. The mousepad comes with a temperature control technology that switches off the charging when a device is fully charged. Also, an inbuilt chip in the mousepad can recognise whether the device put on it is rechargeable. The company says the Mi Smart Mouse Pad can charge the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, one of the few smartphones from the company that supports the Qi wireless charging standard.

Why  Xiaomi Mi Mouse Pad Prices  are  Sexy, Mi Mouse Pad for Gamers Launched

At the top-right corner of the Mi Smart Mouse Pad, an aluminium alloy knob to change the lighting mode is present. Users can rotate it to change the RGB light colours, with support for 16.8 million colours. Interestingly, it can be connected to a PC using Bluetooth, and then used to control its volume. Xiaomi says that the surface coating on the Mi Smart mouse pad gives users a smoother and more accurate surface. Also available is a TPU anti-slip mat with the mousepad. It measures 420x260mm. In terms of pricing, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Mouse Pad is available at CNY 259 (roughly Rs. 2,700). It can be purchased via Xiaomi’s YouPin e-commerce site.

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Coming to the Mi Mouse Pad, Xiaomi says the device has been designed for gamers. It has a surface coating that promises to improve sensor performance and mouse speed tracking. It comes with a suction cup design to avoid shaking during use. The mousepad measures 355x255x2.35mm and weighs 196 grams.

Xiaomi Mi Mouse Pad

The Xiaomi Mi Mouse Pad is available for CNY 49 (roughly Rs. 500) and can also be purchased via Xiaomi YouPin site.

Xiaomi just launched two new mousepads, the Xiaomi Mi Mouse Pad and the Mi Smart Mouse Pad in China. The Mi Mouse Pad has been designed primarily for gaming while the Mi Smart Pad comes with features such as wireless charging and RGB lighting.

The Xiaomi Mi Mouse Pad, comes with what Xiaomi calls a PC surface material, enhancing the sensor performance and the mouse speed tracking. Primarily designed for gamers, it comes with a suction cup design at its bottom to keep the pad in position. This prevents shaking or slipping. It is priced at CNY 49 (about Rs 499) and can be bought on Xiaomi’s YouPin e-commerce site.

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The mouse pad measures 355 mm in length and 255 mm in breadth and has a thickness of about 2.35 mm.

Xiaomi Mi Mouse Pad. Image:

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The Xiaomi Mi Smart Mouse Pad features a Qi wireless charging module, which helps users to charge the wireless mouse and also a smartphone, at any time with an output of 7.5 W. According to Xiaomi, the charging efficiency of the mouse pad is 75 percent. The Mi Smart Mouse Pad comes with a price tag of CNY 259 (about Rs 2,700).

Why Xiaomi Mi Mouse Pad Prices are Sexy, Mi Mouse Pad for Gamers Launched

Xiaomi MI Smart Mouse Pad. Image:

The smart mousepad also features a knob, which upon rotating to the left or right switches between different lighting modes. It changes the RGB light setting with support for about 16.8 million colours and is also available on Xiaomi’s YouPin e-commerce site.

What makes the Mi Smart Mousepad even more smart is when connected to the computer, it can be used to control its volume. It also features a TPU anti-slip mat at the bottom which ensures that it doesn’t slide off your table while using it.

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